CircumNews: What is it?

You’re probably asking yourself,” what IS CircumNews anyway?”

CircumNews is a new website that offers money for reading articles that publishers want read. The publishers are willing to pay several dollars per article, CircumNews rounds up these articles, keeps a portion of the price the publishers are paying, and hires people like YOU to read the articles. CircumNews offers $2-$5 per article simply to read it and confirm that you aren’t a bot afterwards. $2 is instantly deposited into your on-site account, and after $350 CircumNews sends a deposit to your PayPal or Payza. They also offer a referral program where you make $9 per active referral.

Here’s a link to get started if you’re interested.

You’re probably thinking that this sounds a lot like a scam, and it’s definitely way too good to be true.

That’s what I’m here for! I’m here to document my everyday experience participating in CircumNews, and give an unbiased review on this website and it’s operations. Here’s what my News page looks like on Day 2. I’ve earned $40 by reading 20 articles and I’ve also had two days of new articles so far. One concern is that the articles seem to be posting all at the same time. While that would make sense, it would make more sense that the articles simply get updated for everyone at once.
I’ll be updating every day! If you have something to share, or have a success story, please share in the comments below! I will ABSOLUTELY update every day, and I will also be sure to post a proof of payment as soon as I have received a payment. If you have received a payment from CircumNews, and can verify, please let me know!

29 thoughts on “CircumNews: What is it?

  1. Holly Foote

    Went to log in and didn;t recognize my account, tried to do a password rest and it doesn’t recognize my account, I have over $160.00.

    1. Brenda Jensen

      Same thing happened to me 2 days ago. Couldn’t get a password reset nor would it even let me register. Absolutely nothing!! $99.90 in account. Have emailed this site several times, even before account shut down. NEVER received a reply! How and to who do we report a company like this?

      1. Henry

        Same thing happened to me also just yesterday, I was also at 99.90. And just like you I haven’t gotten a response from them from either emails I sent from before or after this happened. I have heard of a website called survey police. I think I will look on their website for more information and to report this.

    2. Tonya Callahan

      Same here, i can not get back into my account. I tried to press the forgot password button and it said i was not regestered. So i went to re-regester and it said that i cant have mulpible accounts….. And there is no way to contact them…

  2. Cynthia

    I only have $60.00, but i had the same thing happen last night and got no response from them either, but i just left the site and had no problem logging in tonight.

    1. Corrado

      All of this has happened to me, but today I have to start from zero dollars, while I had accrued 299, but with one difference I have changed the referral link (with the final number different)

  3. Brenda Jensen

    I just don’t understand this website, especially with NOT answering emails. I was able to log in today after not being able to for 2 days! Money earned was still there and I had new “news”…. Hopefully when someone reaches 350$ they will post as to whether they receive their payout or not.

    1. Rebecca McCoy

      I have been able to log back in and my current earnings were still there. I, too, am wondering if anyone has ever received payment from this site?

    2. Anonymous

      Hi, I’ve reach the amount of 350. mine is $353 early this morning I cash-out them all… But here’s my problem now.. my paypal account that i used to transfer the amount, I forgot the password, anyone can help me to retrieve my password..?
      And in my circumnews account my $353 still in process just like the site says “Payment will be sent during 14 workdays..How could i know that I am in 14 days?

      1. Henry

        paypal always send s me an email when I get payments into my account. as for your password there should be a forgot password button. it should guide you in what you need to get or reset your password.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi henry i open my paypal now, but the money of circumnews that i cashout going to my paypal is not there on my paypal yet… Acording to circum they said that payment will be sent during 14 workdays. It means i,ll wait? I don,t understand when is the 14 workdays?

    1. Henry

      14 days is 2 weeks so you shouldn’t expect a payment so soon. I would guess if you cashed out yesterday you should get the payment the first week of December.

      1. Rebecca

        Generally, when a company says “workdays” or “business days”, they mean Monday through Friday. Some companies include any days they are open for business. I would assume two weeks minimally. I’ll be interested to know when you get it, so please keep us posted.

      2. jo gams

        Ok thanks henry, i thought since i was registered this circumnews, is that day will counting going to 14 days.. and i’ll be updating my post here till i get the money to know everybody if this true..

  5. Anonymous

    I have cashed out on the 9th and I have yet to receive a payment it still says in process.At the time I cashed out it was only $100 and said 7-14 work days. it has been 11 work days so far….

  6. Kristen

    It happened where it wasn’t accepting my password either. Emailed them and it took them 2 weeks to respond but they did and I was able to get back on with all my earnings in tact. Been doing this off and on for a couple months when I have down time and I am $20 away from the payout amount of $350. I have a feeling that I will not get the money and I will feel like a chump but when I think about it most of the articles I have read have been interesting…so I haven’t completely wasted my time…

  7. Brenda Jensen

    I have emailed this company several times over the course of a month or so. I made a payout request on 12/2/13 I think it was…..I did figure at 14 working business days my money should be deposited 12/20 or 12/21….which is tomorrow or the next day at latest. I am not hopeful of receiving this money as I have heard of no one….absolutely no one receiving their payout. I continute to read the news and am almost ready for another payout. I hope I am wrong about this company…..will post if something good happens!!

    1. Corrado

      I winnings I have requested 5, the first request for payment I made on November 4, to date I have not received anything. Do not continue to waste precious time .. sconsigliatelo

  8. Corrado

    Hello, I have made the request for payment of my work more than a month ago, to date no credit … for me it’s just a waste of time, forget it.


    How can I enter in contact with you by e-mal? If you are only a sistem not people who to enter in contact personaly?
    I would like to receave payments by PAYPAL in Brasil. Could you send to my e mail address, please? They will make providence to arrive to my account.


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